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The Tuesday January 23rd Capricorn Stars Prediction

Capricorn: Your Star Sign Revelations

Capricorn: Your Star Sign Revelations |



Star influence upon your sign can give you quite a troublesome time. Your mind can play dirty tricks on you and make you see someone who is radically different to you.

That person you just met will suddenly feel totally unworthy of your time, and you'll come to think you're better off alone. All you'll see is conflict and battle ahead that seems like too much to handle.

You're much better off not letting go with your guts or your first impression of the other person, because this is just something temporary which may lead to further action you might come to regret in the end.


Our mindset when we face upcoming challenges is key to becoming successful. This is a quote that will roam through your mind today when you prove to yourself at work that you can fulfill your obligations more effectively.

In the end, we're our own worst enemies when setting up barriers that stop us from moving onward. Most of the times this is because we don't have much self-confidence, or because we even underrate ourselves; this last issue is harder to change. But so far, you've managed to change your mindset, so nothing but good news can come your way.


You can't seem to find the best physical endeavour for you, you think there's certain exercises that are just too complicated. Doing yoga started as something effective and relaxing, but the more you progress, the more difficult it gets.

You need to be fully aware of your body and learn how to move step by step appropriately, which is something you aren't too good at doing. Maybe simpler activities like going running or cycling will turn out to be easier and more satisfactory.

On the other hand, if you're still feeling wornout, get some vitamins at the chemist's. You'll get that bit of extra energy you need.