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The Wednesday January 24th Capricorn Stars Prediction

Your full star prediction on health, money and love

Capricorn: Your Star Sign Revelations |



When you realize how people really are inside you get terrible shocks. You've seen some horrible traits in someone you used to be mad about. Next time around, don't get so excited and wait until you see their inner self.

Any couples' argument may seem too strong if the right words aren't used. Capricorn people are a little crazy and need to think twice before they say something hurtful. Maybe arguing about the colour of the living room walls isn't the most delicate issue, so try to understand each other for a minute.


No matter how effectively the week has begun, you'll get a considerably blue Wednesday that will make you fall behind at work. Throughout the week we can have our ups and downs, and your bosses need to understand you can't be fully ready all the time. Take your breaks and have a breather instead of gossiping with your workmates.

You imposed a budgeting limit on yourself and that's really good. However, you'll have to see if you can accomplish that goal in the next few days, considering you have to take care of a few expenses you need to pay off any second now. You can't control everything. That's a reality you'll have to face.


Capricorn, you must understand that exercise is no good if it isn't paired up with a healthy varied diet. Just as important as eating healthy is to check your schedules, trying to eat 5 meals a day with good foods. If you go to the doctor's you'll get important news today.

Don't trust fad diets. Eating pineapples for two months is not healthy and it will only bring you to hating diets. Also, your body will enter cetosis and you'll feel exhausted without any drive at all.