Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for April

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During this month you’ll have to get in touch with your inner self and observe the motivations that lead you to look at the defects and contradictions in others and not to get in touch with your own shortcomings. Start to observe what bothers you and the reason why you feel irritated when facing certain attitudes from the people you love so much.

Before attacking or distancing yourself, evaluate how much damage you’ll do. How can you avoid reacting and learning?

The natives who are single will have the opportunity to meet a person who’ll channel them to a spiritual path through which they’ll get to know each other better and have a more friendly and healthy development of emotions.

It’s not a month for long-term commitments. It’s an ideal time to grow and enjoy a new dimension of your personality and emotional life.


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Uranus in an earth sign is generating various changes, particularly for the natives of the first position.

While they’re still under the astral influence of the evil Pluto, they have the blessings of the general planetary configuration. Alignments that describe days to plan or embrace the modifications life brings.

Towards the end of April, the deceleration of Saturn that goes towards retrogradations on the last day of the month will raise doubts regarding the paths that must be taken. New responsibilities are coming.

Those looking for a new job should make the most of the first fifteen days of the month. Since during the second fortnight, material life takes a slow pace that’s best used for paperwork, letters and documents.


Don’t forget to see a doctor if you find that something strange is happening in your body. The natives of the second position are vibrating a deep cleansing of stagnant matters and energy that must be eliminated and this can affect the body in a deep and frightening way.

Diseases reflect imbalances and many of these have to do with patterns of self-destructive behaviour or that are far away from what you really want or feel is good for you.

Start generating small changes in your daily life. From small things towards bigger ones. This way you’ll find integrity and health.