Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for December

Your Horoscope for December 2019
Capricorn monthly horoscope for December 2019. | Magic Horoscope

Love: Joys

You have a great month ahead of you, Capricorn

It won't be easy, but you've already experienced so much that the benefits of the transit of Venus in your sign will feel like a caress from heaven.

The first days of the month you'll experience pleasant moments. Mars in Scorpio stimulates your performance in groups and social situations. People will think you're sexy and your elegance and emotional distance will be what attracts many who'll approach you with romantic interests. Singles can find this fantastic, but the natives who are in a relationship will find it overwhelming and it'll be hard to deal with.

Jealousy and power conflicts can be grounds for disputes within your relationship.

The last eclipse of the year on your sign will be on December 26. You have to change many things in the next month. What you took for granted will take on new shapes and you'll have to adapt so you don't suffer. It's a month in which you have to learn and accept that nothing will be as it was before.

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Money: Positive closures

You'll be accompanied by a lot of planetary energy throughout the month that you should use to position yourself better at work and in your finances.

All the artillery of the Cosmos will support you in this moment of powerful transformation you've been experiencing since the beginning of last year.

Your good fortune will depend on your good predisposition to embrace the changes. The material issues you've been working on culminate on a very positive note.

The money you've been expecting will arrive and you'll close pending issues like debt, inheritances, and acknowledgement for your work, Capricorn. You'll require the extra money in the near future. 

If you leave your fears and restrictions aside, this may be a lucky month for you. It's time to change and stop feeling insecure about new things.

You have a lot to do, focus your mental energy on your goals.

Health: Rest well

In general, your health won't be affected, but you should start to pay more attention to your psychological needs, your forgotten potential and your frustrations to prevent your psyche from altering your physical health.

You've fought many battles and you need a rest, Capricorn. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself.