Capricorn Magic Horoscope Prediction for February

Your Horoscope for February 2019
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Magic Horoscope February 2019 - CAPRICORN | Magic Horoscope



The first few days of the month will not be easy for native Capricorns. The reason for this could be Pluton and Saturn's alignment which have put you to several tests and have caused frustration for a while now. Reality is hard for those born under this sign. 

Relationships take a turn for the unexpected, and many of them might end or are already in the process of being terminated. Any matters of the heart will be complicated and cold for Capricorns these first days of February. Feelings of solitude might take over all aspects of your life demanding that Capricorns released a little of their control. 

Venus will return to your sign this month which will favor effective communication and tolerance. This is a welcomed influence considering how much Capricorns struggle in these two departments. 

Your demeanor will be sweeter than in January; you feel energized and ready to enjoy your love life. 

Single Capricorns will exude confidence and appear more attractive. The cosmic positivity of this month will allow you to meet someone whom you have real chances of starting a new relationship. 

Starting with Valentine's Day, on the 14th February, Venus' closeness to Saturn will help agree on engagements and set wedding dates.


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It's only natural that after the end of the year you find yourself having to pay exorbitant bills. This past month has been a stressful one regarding financial strain, and February might still carry some restrictions in this sense. 

Mercury will influence Capricorn natives and facilitate better commercial contacts. 

Positioned in the neighboring sign of Aquarius, Mercury supports buying and selling this month, traveling, and communication. This means that Capricorns will have more opportunities if they're willing to think fast and act even faster. 

Mercury is a fast and agile planet and because it is positioned in Aquarius it shines a favorable light on businesses connected with technology. 

Understanding that things will get worse if your outlook on life is negative is this month's lesson for Capricorns. You will also need to learn how to manage your work better, your stress levels and frustrations. 


Stress from last month has been accumulating which brings about health issues. Your two vulnerable areas will be your bones and your skin. Tension is more present than ever in your life, and it will cause complications in your cervical area and for those born in the first decade of this sign will struggle with their sciatic nerve. 

Around the 10th this month, Capricorns will be prone to domestic accidents. Manage any machinery or sharp utensils with extreme care and take things slowly this month.