Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for July

Your Horoscope for July 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CAPRICORN | Magic Horoscope




Mercury in Cancer during part of this month is going to take you to a space of your mind and heart that you might not want to get in touch with.

Although this transit happens every year, this time it’s in synchrony with other planetary movements that will lead you to reveal the true desires of your soul. Do you remember the plan you had for your life? The dreams of your childhood are related to these plans. Getting in touch with that feeling will give you a better predisposition for all your relationships.

Loving others or letting yourself be loved is easier if you feel complete, otherwise, frustration could lead you to bitterness and you could transmit it to your partner.

The natives of your sign find it very difficult to pay attention to intuition and this is a month to practice listening better to what your gut tells you.

The eclipse of July 2 occurs in your relationship area in your astral chart and that could endanger your current relationship. You’ll have to pass a test in that area of ​​your life.

Your partner may be going through a problem and will need your full support. Show your restraint and your patience.


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It’s not an easy month since the lunar eclipse of July 16 hits your sign directly. Mismanagement of your emotions and your old offences could put relationships of all kinds at risk, including those with partners, co-workers and even bosses. You’ll see that your behaviour patterns are mobilised in relation to power and to the secrets and issues that are hidden.

You should take care and make a copy or duplicate of your files in your computer since they are in danger of loss and damage.

The good position of the planet Uranus, in particular for the natives of the first position, brings new transformations in your career.

Money may not overflow this month, but you won’t lack what you need to fulfil your responsibilities.  Try to take it easy.