Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CAPRICORN | Magic Horoscope




Venus' stay in your sign has brought about a new air of tenderness and self-appreciation which you should take advantage of this month, Capricorn. 

You have had something to learn from all the experiences you have been through and now your way of loving in much different. You are headed for a massive transformation regarding your love life and personal relationships. 

There have been so many hardships along the way that now you don't sweat the small stuff anymore. You're discovering a new way of appreciating your partner, appreciating them for how much they love you and not judging for their behavior. 

Native Capricorns that are still single this month will have the chance to meet someone who they typically wouldn't have chosen, and they will start a romance. The person you least expected will fill your heart with joy. 

If you are willing to allow fun and eccentricity into your life, we guarantee that this month will be a passionate affair. 


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Several planets are influencing Capricorn natives this month, so it is the perfect opportunity to invest in any project connected to ecology, real estate, and your home. 

Should you have your own business, this month is the ideal moment to look for investors that can back up your plans. 

Capricorns that are still looking for employment will receive recognition and praise due to their professional abilities. 

Ambition is your middle name, and this month you will spread your wings even more and make full use of your skills.  



This month you might be overtaken by remorse because of your relaxed attitude towards your health. 

If you have stuck to all your daily habits, then you won't have anything to worry about. Capricorn natives are going through a transitory period where karma plays an important role. 

Those natives that have been negligent with their health could run into some difficulties and experience discomfort and pain. Perhaps you need to change your diet and lower your cholesterol or maybe quit smoking, start doing more exercise or any other activity that will help you feel healthy.