Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CAPRICORN | Magic Horoscope


The natives of the third position have a few hard days ahead. This month you might find yourself with the end of stories that you haven’t been able to tell a different way.Love is a story that’s nourished every day and you haven’t made it last more. But don’t worry, since the feeling isn’t lost, you have simply changed and your experiences need to be different.

People start a path together that doesn’t always coincide throughout their journey. If you’re experiencing a break-up, be grateful and go away with the respect your choice of the past deserves.

The natives of the first position, on the other hand, could be going through moments of great love intensity, combined with the strangest situations because of the speed and time in which they develop.

It’ll feel like electricity in the body. The signals that vibrate could be strange to your sentimental nature. You’re like to think things through, Capricorn. But you won’t let go of this because love doesn’t always appear in this way.


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The first days of the month are somewhat conflicting. People will feel somewhat agitated and irritating. It’s hard for you not get infected with such an invasive atmosphere. Evil moods and suspicion may be noticed and you’ll have to breathe deeply to overcome this discomfort.

You shouldn’t let yourself go. You know that there’s no way your contribution to your career or your workplace gets lost in that tide of discomfort. You’ll see that by the middle of the month, everything enters a productive and calm period.

People will trust your ability to work well and that’ll make you feel so good that you’ll work with more enthusiasm than ever.

You live in a world of synchrony that gives you what you give. You have given it your all, so, if you are one of those natives who’re looking for a job, you should know that the second fortnight is also the best time to get that role you so desire.

However, you have to follow the path of austerity and not invest in unnecessary objects since the presence of Saturn in your sign for a while more continues to impose a healthy restriction of your finances.


You’ll enjoy extraordinarily good health for most of the month so you shouldn’t abuse it since it would lead to a collapse.

The planetary positions describe the need for good rest and food to maintain your balance when facing a physically and mentally demanding season.

Don’t neglect yourself, Capricorn. You’ll receive the reward of behaving with moderation.