Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for November

Your Horoscope for November 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CAPRICORN | Joan marc

Love: Secrets come out into the open

You have the first two weeks of the month to evaluate if you want to continue in this situation or if the time has come to make some changes in your love life.

If you're one of those people who are in a secret relationship that shouldn't be revealed, you have to be very careful since, during the first half of the month, many secrets could come out in the open and the consequences would be shocking for your psyche.

On November 24, Jupiter and Venus will meet close to your degree zero. This means that the blessing of love and desire will be very noticeable, in particular for the natives of the first position who can enjoy the energy of the goddess of love positively influencing the encounter with loved ones throughout the week. This harmonic conjunction brings opportunities in love for singles.

On the 26th, the goddess of beauty and desire, Venus, enters your sign so you can count on being much more attractive and beautiful in the eyes of those you like.

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Money: Delays and changes

November begins with communication conflicts. You can suffer all kinds of contingencies, Capricorn: your computer might break down, problems with your internet service, you might lose your phone or it might stop working. These are some of the challenges you have to overcome the first days of the month.

Mercury will be in retrograde and this isn't a punishment from the gods but a period the astral cycle gives you so you can think and not make any important decisions.

The delays you experience regarding shared ideas and dreams are simply there so that you can review your motivations and think if you really want to go on in this direction or if you want to start a new cycle with renewed or different future projects.

Many issues that have you paralysed will disappear but it won't be without an effort on your part Capricorn.

From the 20th, many issues that you're waiting for are released and everything begins to flow in a constant way. Therefore, Capricorn, you shouldn't force things before this date. Take this valuable time to prepare for the change that comes to your professional life.

The presence of the thriving Mars in your career area will work miracles. You can achieve things you didn't imagine with a subtle and sustained effort.

Health: Your energy returns

Throughout November, you'll be favoured by a good aspect of Mars in your area of the zodiac. From Libra, the red planet enlightens you and allows you to recover your energy and leave the fatigue that took away your desire to do anything behind. If you're in treatment to get over an illness, the results will be good Capricorn.

The natives who wish to start doing sports will feel an extra push of motivation this month.