Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CAPRICORN
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CAPRICORN | Magic Horoscope


Love: Love returns

Your partner will go through a somewhat tense situation. You’ll experience a time when the demands of both aren’t synchronised. You go in one direction and your partner in the opposite direction and therefore, everything you say is misunderstood or subjected to an evaluation that isn’t positive.

If you want things to improve, you will have to start by accepting the dark thoughts that go through your head instead of blaming your partner.

Looking for a space for dialogue where you can share your visions of an ideal life could lead to a better time. When you dream with someone, you enhance the possibility of dreams turning into a true story.

If you’re single, you should stop paying attention to the lives of others and turn to your own sentimental affairs. If you open your eyes well you’ll discover that someone doesn’t take their eyes off you at an institution where you go regularly. If you open yourself to love, you may feel that spring returns to your heart Capricorn.

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Money: Claims arrive

This month the important thing is that you turn on all the radars since you’ll have many opportunities regarding societies or group activities.

The presence of different planets, such as Mercury and the Sun, in the area of ??ideas and groups, indicates meetings where you receive offers or contracts.

Business plans as well as projects in cooperation with people who are more youthful or that have links with education or communication will be very inspiring and could enjoy some success if you insist on contributing your perseverance and seriousness.

You could experience a lot of tension during the second week of the monthCapricorn since it’ll generate a conflict between your professional responsibilities and your obligations at home.

Keeping calm and avoiding arguments will give you mental clarity to choose the best option for everyone involved in a conflict of interest. You may have to face accusations that aren’t too far from the truth. Although it hurts, this moment demands that you put all your energy into one aspect of your life.

Health: Rest and relax

You’ll feel tired: the reigning energy opposes your vitality and demands a lot of your attention.

You have to define many aspects of your future. The path you take from now on depends on the choices you make now and that exhausts you.

You have to pay attention to chronic pain and messages from your body this month. Make your relatives understand that you have the right to private time for your recreation or rest.

Watch over your emotional and mental integrity, this month will make a difference in finding a positive balance.