Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for September

Your Horoscope for September 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CAPRICORN | Magic Horoscope



Love: Seek understanding.

September is a perfect month for love for Capricorn. All the wishes you've had in recent times will be fulfilled as long as you're able to communicate in a way that shows your feelings instead of your walls. It's time to leave the fighting behind in regard to your intimate life. You can't continue to suffer in silence and at the same time, behave as though you were very strong with the person who wants to communicate with you from the heart.

The natives who are in the process of breaking up with their partners can take advantage of the good astrological influences that occur with so many planets in the friendly sign of Virgo and engage in dialogues in which understanding and affection predominate.

Magic Horoscope warns you of possible unexpected romances. Because you'll shine with unique charm, you'll have the approval of your surroundings and they'll want to approach you for who you are and for the magnificent energy that you radiate. You could spend some very pleasant days with the person you love in nature.

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Money: Possibility of trips or scholarships.

September is an excellent month to start assessing those who are within your work routines you every day. Whether they are partners or colleagues, they are the ones who tolerate your bad mood every day or celebrate your achievements. They are the ones who have fun with your jokes and collaborate with you when you are late handing in your work.

If you are neglecting these human relationships, this month you'll have to nurture them, perhaps go out to dinner, a monthly meeting, you'll see what they want to do.

This month you'll probably find yourself trying to achieve a dream related to your profession and the astrological conditions are very positive for the natives of Capricorn and Taurus. For your sign, Magic Horoscope interprets that certain planetary alignments indicate trips or training that will bring significant growth to your career. To achieve this, it's important that you don't manipulate others since the planet Saturn, your ruler could make you experience a tough lesson about this.

Health: Improvements and well-being.

As of September 18, the planet Saturn is placed in direct phase and this favours everything related to the recovery of ailments or the effectiveness of the medical treatments you're taking.

The important thing is that you're constant and that you feel the benefits of improving your mood with activities that make you feel good.

Remember that the weakness of the natives of your sign is the knees, bones and teeth. Even skin problems are ruled by Saturn. Therefore, take care of these parts of your body more than ever. In particular, knee injuries when doing sports are possible.