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Capricorn Planetary Prediction for Tuesday, January 30th

The complete horoscope prediction on health, money and love
The predictions for Capricorn according to the stars |



Your declaration of love at the beginning of this week didn’t go as planned, but it’s not a lost cause. Sometimes people need time and more when it’s a sentimental discovery. Give the other person time and don’t overwhelm them with a million text messages. This is the best thing for all parties.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to sit down together and talk about the things that are uncomfortable for both of you. The tension will make you two raise your voices at some point, but if you have enough patience, everything will be just fine.


You have organized your work space and you get along well with your coworkers. Now you should get yourself together and go over the work that you’ve done so far, you’ve overlooked something and the consequences could be devastating. Take your time in order to avoid this error.

You’re feeling jealous of the people that are taking vacations and are going to go on the trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget that you’ll get your chance and the best way to get there is with a savings plan. Patience, your moment to travel will come.


You should take care of your dental problem as soon as possible, because if you don’t the problem could become chronic. See a dentist, even if the thought makes you cringe.

Other than that, your health won’t bring you many other surprises. You’ll find out that the person that you’re living with almost daily has an illness, so try to distance yourself as soon as possible or ask them to take the necessary medication so that you’re not affected.

You’ve been given the chance to participate in a sporting event and you don’t feel prepared. You’ll have to make the decision to start training or reject the offer.