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Magic Horoscope annual | Magic Horoscope


will have a year full of stability and even of improvement in different aspects of their life, 
Ruled by planet Saturn, Capricorns will show off their administrative and structural skills and will determine the course of events.


In 2018, your sentimental situation will tend to continue like it is and there won't be big changes in this aspect. However, you'll have to make an effort to show yourself closer and thoughtful with your partner, because some specific circumstances of your economic and professional life could influence you at a personal level and end up growing apart from the other person. 

You can consider it like a small proof of love: if your bond is strong it will survive, but if it's not very strong, it may get extremely damaged. 

On their behalf, the Capricorns that are single will live love in a completely different way. During the first months of the year, they will be willing to meet people and live love experiences, an attitude that will change completely with the arrival of summer. 

On the contrary, when the autumn arrives a person will cross their path and will stay with them for a long time.


Your family situation, a bit uncertain in the past, now will be less unstable. After a long time looking for your place, that ideal place to definitely settle in, you'll have the feeling that you have found it. 

They will be left behind all those modifications and refurbishing that you have carried out at home, you will feel more comfortable than ever and your character will become a more home-loving person.

Your attention will be more focused on the parental figures. It will be the children who will enter an irremediable stage of change and transformation and you will have to fulfill that role of "guide" that will help them find the path they want to follow. To do this, you must leave behind that authoritarian style and appeal more to reason and confidence.


Financial prosperity will come when you least expect it, but at the same time, you may spend more than you expected. Luckily, you will manage to meet all your needs and reach the end of the month will end up becoming a secondary concern for you.

Once you discover that new project with which you can earn money autonomously and pocket an extra each month, you will see how your financial and economic concerns begin to fade until they disappear.


At least in the short term, you will know that you have fulfilled your professional goals and you will look for job stability. Those who are studying will be very clear which way they want to go and will strive to achieve their goals, while those who are unemployed will find a job opportunity in a new sector that will open the doors to success.

For their part, it's possible that those who already have a job pose new challenges and dedicate a large part of the year to prove their worth, hoping to gain a higher position.


Bone discomfort, so common in Capricorn, will continue to make an appearance also this year and the sooner you decide to take action, the sooner you will put an end to them.

It will be good for you to strengthen your heart and something fundamental to do so will be to avoid worries and anxiety, not letting yourself be carried away by that self-imposed pressure in which you will plunge yourself for your eagerness to progress in at work.

If your goal is to lose weight and change your image and appearance this 2018, you will have the favor of the stars on your part but for this, you must learn to be constant and change your habits. Otherwise, you won't get anything; you'll just waste your time.