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Capricorn’s Prediction for Saturday, February 3rd

Horoscope prediction for those born between December 22nd and January 20th
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Sometimes the attraction between two people is unavoidable, the energy is too strong to dismiss. If the stars are aligned and two people meet at the right moment, passion will open a gate like a ray of lightning in the sky. It appears that Capricorns will experience the most intense weekend that they have been through in a while.

Capricorns that are in relationships will also feel this inevitable attraction. It seems that the first quarter crescent moon is having a significant impact on this situation. When the fifth phase arrives, the phase that corresponds with the full moon, the effects could be highly unpredictable. We’ll see what happens.


Taking your car to the garage has turned out to be an authentic disaster. Several parts have needed replacing and the price just keeps getting higher. Who says that getting your car fixed is just like any other unexpected expense that leaves you in ruins. At least you’ve still got love, my Capricorn friend.

Perhaps you prefer to seek refuge in your work. If you’re leaning towards this option, you’ll discover that you are truly devoted to what you do, although you didn’t realize it up until now. All you need to do now is show your true potential to the right person, and you’ll be promoted at your job in no time.


Like we said on Friday, there’s no reason to be alarmed, however, your eating habits could be affecting your blood pressure or your ability to digest some foods. You should see a dietician so that they can assess your situation and bring your diet back in check.

If you resolve this issue (and finally accept that you have some new stretch marks) you’ll enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The full moon will bring total spiritual equilibrium in all other realms.

On another note, have you tried traditional Chinese medicine for those passing joint problems?