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The best thing for your week is to focus your attention on your things and leave your partner at their leisure. If you persist in controlling their movements you’ll end up in unnecessary problems and arguments.

The best thing you can do when you realise you’re wrong is to apologise. Showing your repentance or your ability to admit your mistakes is going to be something that helps a lot when it comes to finding understanding. It won’t do any good if you feel you’ve made a mistake and you’re not able to show it. Your demand towards others is so high that admitting when you do something wrong will result in more admiration and more love.

Towards the weekend, everything is sweetened and you can find a place to take refuge when you’re together, you won’t even need to go out partying. Looking into each other’s eyes and knowing you’re loved will be enough.

Those who’re looking to find their better half, have the opportunity to meet a very attractive person from another generation or from a different culture.


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This week opens a host of possibilities for the natives of Capricorn. It’s important that you can see them, that you open your eyes wide and realise what’s happening around you. You’re often one of those who gets blocked and bored with everyday problems, however, it’s clear that many of these problems are showing you business possibilities. Opportunities to cover a need and to challenge the market.

You’ll gain in confidence and materially when you surrender to a greater curiosity and innocence to find solutions to your problems.

Towards the weekend, it’s possible that payments that you were expecting to receive aren’t made and that you suffer losses. You should pay special attention to the way you use things, this way you’ll avoid breaks and getting angry.


Your health is something that shouldn’t worry you so much. Your body is relatively balanced. It always responds to your caresses and when you treat it well. The problem is your mind. You’re being a bit pessimistic and worrying about things that are unnecessary.

There is no way to change the past and the future hasn’t been built yet. So does it make sense to put yourself in that mental state of nervousness and anxiety?

Improving your thinking will improve your physical health. Practice the technique concentrating on the present moment and this way you’ll achieve more harmonious health.