This week you'll celebrate Valentine's Day and thanks to the stars and your efforts to be better every day, you can celebrate it in good company.

While the week starts with bad moods, the stars push you to show be rude or distant. Fortunately, the balance of the rest of the weekly cycle is positive.

The natives of Capricorn will enjoy great sensual energy this week. You'll feel much more attractive than usual and therefore, you'll experience moments of harmony and unforgettable desire.

If you've only just started seeing someone, you should be careful not to make mistakes or act in a way that deteriorates the relationship from the start.

Towards the weekend, your problems disappear and you start to understand each other better. Your sex life improves and you enjoy your body more.

Singles will have the opportunity to meet someone special.

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Tensions will also invade your professional life this week. You'll have to decide if you pay more attention to your family or your work and you'll also feel very moody and you'll be quite rude to your family.

Be careful, Capricorn, you don't want to sow these seeds. You better breathe and wait until this moment passes before addressing your subordinates or classmates arrogantly. That can attract betrayals and malicious tricks.

After a few days of hard work and difficulties on Friday, relief will come and you will successfully complete many of your tasks.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 27. As well as 10 and 333. If you want to know the tips that these numbers bring, don't forget to read the daily horoscope.


Your health is good, Capricorn. The stars reinforce your natural well-being.

If you're undergoing treatment or recovering from an illness, this week will be very good for you. You'll feel a lot of astral energy that helps tissue regeneration and benefits everything related to your bones and joints.