Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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- Love
- Money
- Health



Love life and feelings are benefited by the planetary alignments this week for the natives of your sign.

There will be conversations with which you’ll understand the different points of view of the same issue that worries you and makes you feel unprotected.

Much of what you have experienced will be scrutinised week. You can review every aspect of your life under a positive light and value the people who live with you a bit more.

You could experience the joy of feeling you’re taking a step forward in your relationship. An engagement or perhaps an invitation to move in together is possible.

Those who are starting a relationship should be careful with the way they do their first dates, the way they treat their new partner, their words. Everything becomes especially important this week.


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Don’t expect things to be too fluid this week when it comes to your career and work. Many topics will be blocked or obstructed and you’ll be forced to request help or collaboration from people with whom you’d prefer to have less contact.

If you plan what you want and visualise the kind of life you want in your mind, you’ll find new job offers or opportunities regarding your finances that you hadn’t even imagined could be for you.

Forget about anger, release all the negative things you feel. Begin to see life from a restart of all its aspects. Don’t forget that this will influence the energy of the week being positive for your companies.


With time, you’ll discover that emotions and bodily sensations are more linked than you thought. You hadn’t noticed it in the past but you’ll discover that anger, mental tension and thinking about problems only raise your blood pressure, worsen your digestion and cause muscle pain.

The energy of the Stars promises an optimal flow of vital energy. If you’re able to use the energy that’s presented to you in your favour, you’ll improve many aspects of your personality.

Your psyche will be stimulated by the effluvia of Pluto to generate profound changes that will benefit you and this will help with health in general.

During the weekend, you could do things that put at risk the discipline that you’ve been exercising lately. Don’t feel guilty if you succumb to eating unhealthy food. You’re only human.