Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




This week will introduce new chapters in your love life, Capricorn. You will discover a new way of expressing yourself and of being more joyful and polite. 

It's high time you dropped the pessimism that seems to follow you everywhere you go. We all know, its part of your essence as a Capricorn - knowing that life isn't all fun and games. 

You're starting a new stage of your life now, and you need a new approach. Observe others and how they behave and try to imitate their positive look on life; this is how you will reach your own goals.

Your new attitude is making you shine brighter than before, and you're getting even more invitations and offers. 

Many of the people that care for you are unsure whether or not you want company, so they usually keep their distance. As soon as you are more receptive, your entire world will change. 

You will have an unforgettable Valentine's day. 


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The first two days of the week will generate a lot of frustration due to the uncomfortable situations you will be put in. Injustice and the complete lack of gratitude you are experiencing are infuriating. 

You're one of those people who give it their all, your determination and hard work are proof of your interest and loyalty yet you end up feeling invisible this Monday and Tuesday. 

Starting with the middle of the week your situation at work will improve and you'll find new ways of performing your tasks. 

A series of serendipitous events will show you that the Universe is on your side, giving you the answers you were waiting for and helping you decide what the next steps are. Keep moving forward; you won't regret it. 

You feel drawn to other types of economies, something more social and collaborative; investigating this new topic will come in handy.


Balancing your emotions will also allow you to have a better physical form. Chronic pain and the symptoms related to it will get better, and you will feel strong and healthy. 

This newfound state of wellbeing was generated by you relaxing and letting go of stress. Energy and vitality bring about more positivity than you think, which in turn helps you lead a happier day to day life. 

If by any chance this shift in focus will help you acquire new healthy habits, such as doing more exercise and changing your diet, then you will definitely be on the road to a better life.