Capricorn Weekly Prediction for March 11-17

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week the planetary transits are going to make you go crazy. Those who have known you for some time won’t be able to recognise the way in which you’re handling love. You’ll have a more open and carefree attitude that’ll lead you to conversations in which the truth of the situation you’re experiencing with your partner will come out. There’s an energy opening that impels you to express your feelings and your discomforts and you’ll have to evaluate what you really need to grow when it comes to feelings, see if you’re stagnating or progressing. These are all revelations that await you this week.

For all natives of the sign, sexuality is very stimulated and also the desire to have fun and rid yourself of prejudice.

Single natives this week will be the centre of attention of a social group they’ll be part of very soon. Invitations and proposals for fun come up.


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The week begins with planetary movements that benefit the signing of contracts and agreements, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Make the most of these days as from Wednesday, you’ll find obstructions to do paperwork and you won’t be able to do too much.

In general, the week presents great moments regarding the professional life of the natives of your sign. You’ll be able to find new ways of assuming your responsibilities.

You’ll receive very good news regarding the approval of the requests you have made in the past.

You’ll show a strong ambition that will be rewarded by some people and will be hated by others, so beware of envy that blocks the energy around you. If necessary, seek help in energetic ways of protection such as magic baths, amulets, semiprecious stones such as quartz, tiger's eye and tourmalines.


Your physical state, in general, is good. There’s the possibility of suffering from headaches due to cervical contractures that’ll pass with gentle exercise.

You could also have problems in joints such as the elbows and knees, so try to get rid of the toxins that tend to accumulate in that area of the body by drinking water and not eating red meats and fatty foods.