Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You'll seem to have never-ending problems. This week you'll experience tense moments and friction. Communication problems and conflicts take a large portion of your time together.

When you think you've reached a plateau, conflicts begin again and you go back regarding your decisions. Capricorn, your needs are based on peace and quiet and your loved ones can't stop arguing and misunderstanding things.

Towards the weekend, there will be fewer conflicts and you return to a state of joy and inner comfort in which you can see your life in a more relaxed and hopeful way. You'll make plans for the future and you'll feel complete Capricorn.

Natives who are single could be on track to change the tendency to control everything and thus leave room for the spontaneous love scenes that life brings without needing to know what will happen next.


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There are many benefits on the horizon of the natives of your sign. Astrological configurations are looking good.

Throughout the week, you'll be developing better strategies for your career. You feel that you're in good company when your colleagues return your good energy with confidence and support.

All the efforts you've made are paying off and you get recognition and gratitude from partners or authorities.

You've reached the point where people understand you and don't judge you by your serious and distant expressions. Love at work is very important and you have much to be grateful for in this aspect, so you have to be careful with arrogant reactions or imperative responses.

If you're looking for a job, the best day to apply, from an astrological point of view, is Thursday. Get ready to show everything you can give. You're blessed by heaven.


Your immune system may suffer when you're tired and feeling emotional. Your body sounds the alarm when you're not relaxed Capricorn.

Your digestive system and airways suffer the most from chronic stress. You should watch what you eat. Make sure you make conscious choices and that you keep your spaces clean of objects that accumulate dust, so it's easier to clean, your energy doesn't stagnate and harmony prevails.