Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 August

Magic Horoscope’s most important news for this week
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The need for perfection or correction will need preponderance, which doesn’t suit you. It’s very common for the natives of your sign to become critical people but that tendency can lead you to a situation where you look for things that aren’t there and end up entangled in an unnecessary conflict.

On the other hand, someone in your close circle will abuse your trust in a rude way. You may have to set clear limits and that may require a lot of annoying arguments and explanations.

Natives who are single could meet a youthful and attractive person who’ll revive the best features of their love lives. Passion, seduction, tender words will be protagonists of the weekend.

You have moments of love and understanding ahead of you on Friday and Saturday.

For Sunday, Magic Horoscope alerts you: storms will arrive, open the umbrella and don’t get involved in sterile disputes.


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You overcome some communication problems that were blocking your working life, Capricorn.

You will have some tools at your disposal to convince a boss or client of something important for the evolution of your economy.

You’ll show the best part of your personality at work and that will help you find allies and improve your income.

Envious people don’t wait to betray you. Therefore, keep your eyes wide open. Being able to curb the negative influence and damage that these individuals could cause you will depend on your focus.

Value your intuition, it’ll guide you to the best opportunities. The natives who are looking for employment will find good possibilities regarding the location of the stars.

The numbers of fortune for the natives of Capricorn for this week are 81 and 27. Follow the vibration of these magic numbers.


In general, the health of the natives of Capricorn is very good, but you won’t be saved from the devastating effects of fatigue and mental exhaustion during this week.

There are great planetary alignments that can favour you if you’re one of the natives who are currently undergoing treatment. The recovery of ailments related to the legs and veins will be favoured by Saturn.

Don’t stop taking care of your health if you are having symptoms that worry you. Pains or swellings are usually signs that your body gives you to listen to it.