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Even if you feel lonely, you know very well that you’re not actually alone. You haven’t been able to express your needs in the past and you can’t ask people to read your mind.

When you modify the ways in which you hide your vulnerability you’ll be able to experience wonderful things in your love life that you didn’t imagine were possible. Because that special person is waiting for you to open up to receive what they have to offer you.

Beyond the results with certain people, what you should value is the change that the stars have brought to the natives of your sign. A different way of getting in touch with your inner self, greater affability and an unprecedented relaxation you’ve never felt in your life.

This week you’ll surely be in a new streak in your sex life. Your encounter will be of a higher quality and more joyful and free.


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Many problems that you’ve felt approaching will be solved as the week progresses. You might feel a lot of pressure in the next few days. It seems that you’re going to finish a sequence and start a new one that you’ll have to face with precision and a bit of cunning.

You are the master organiser so you shouldn’t worry because you have the skills to meet the needs of each of the stages your business requires.

If you look after the spaces you need to do your business, you’ll see the projects progress happily. But don’t forget about Magical Horoscope’s advice, nobody but you knows how much silence you need to create. Don’t let anyone take the time you have to dedicate to your things.


The health problems you might suffer are linked to poor the management of your body. Perhaps you feel bad when it comes to sitting in front of your computer, you’re not careful about the position of your neck or your lumbar vertebrae so you may need help to improve some ailments or discomforts during this week.

The same goes for your current stress levels that prevent you from resting properly and add to the problems you already have.

Try a new way of looking after your body. Remember that each muscle responds to your mental state. If you’re calm you’ll be able to get rid of back and joint pains with very little help.

Vibrating positively is to acknowledge the importance of your body's well-being.