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The stars have decided to give you a break when it comes to your love life; you've already had enough conflicts in the passing weeks.

Life has been hard for you until now, Capricorn, but this week things will get better. 

You could enjoy happy events that restore your faith in the Universe and fill you with positive energy. 

You could also show your tender side and display your affection through physical acts and carefully chosen words. Everyone knows how difficult it is for you to break free from your shell which is why your efforts will be even more praised. 

Single Capricorns could enjoy great adventures this week. 

Toward the end of the week, you might struggle with some dark clouds that threaten to overshadow your balance but hang in there because things will not be so bad. Relax and let go of all tension, you'll see how liberating that feels. 


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If you trust yourself in the hands of the Universe's energy with all your confidence this week, you will experience new peaks of success in your ideas and businesses. 

Sadly, however, every time you feel successful, there will be someone else out there feeling ravished by jealousy and tempted to dampen your happiness. 

Stay on your toes as you might be the victim of a small betrayal at the hands of someone you believed to be your friend. 

Prepare for an energetic weekend. Your workload will increase, and it's a good way of reaping the fruit of your labor, as people have started to have more faith in your expertise. 

Enjoy the triumph!


Generally speaking, your health will be in good conditions aside from an isolated case of nocturnal stomach discomfort that won't let you rest properly. 

You may have nightmares because of slow digestion caused by an accumulation of stress. 

The star's influence will guide you toward abandoning some habits and picking up new ones. 

You could learn some active release techniques and use them whenever you feel people's negative energies around you. 

It could also help to sunbathe every morning for 5 minutes, take walks in nature, reconnect with trees and plants, allow the wind to caress your face. All of these small things, which don't cost a penny, make up a healthy set of habits which will significantly benefit you.