Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Family life takes a lot of energy Capricorn. A good part of your feelings and your efforts will be focused on understanding a situation that’s very important for the well-being of your loved ones.

You may have to change some structures and you might fear the direction things take for you, but everything will be fine if you trust your inner wisdom.

You’re very kind and that’s why you often carry the burdens that are none of your business on your shoulders. A little is fine, but being aware of everyone’s needs and forgetting your own isn’t good and does no good to anyone Capricorn. That’s why this week you’ll start to notice that you need freedom in your life and that even if it doesn’t immediately relieve your heart, at least it’ll calm down your conscience.

You won’t spend any time throwing accusations around, although you have much to say, you’ll understand the importance of moving forward in being happy and experiencing pleasant moments.

Single natives can expect to meet a wonderful person who can sweeten their lives these days.

There’s no turning back on your path to joy and well-being.

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The natives of your sign have a number of opportunities ahead of them that are the product of years of effort. You’ve sown many seeds of progress and made so many sacrifices in recent times that you’ll see the results emerge. You have incredible patience and therefore you can wait for your efforts to produce results without despairing.

You should be careful with malicious people who could offer you incredible jobs that are very difficult or mean more costs than benefits. Open your eyes and take your precautions Capricorn.

Hope floods your mood. You’re happy so you have to protect yourself. Negativity is contagious and you might run into people who want to instill feelings of doubt or fear. You have already lived dark times in which you didn’t trust yourself or your luck. That’s in the past.

The lucky numbers for this week for the natives of your sign is 77 and 14. Both are multiples of 7. The number of progress and the path to growth and success.


You can start a different treatment regarding new types of medicine that improves a chronic symptom or relieves tension that you’ve suffered for some time.

The search for tranquillity and inner peace will take you to new ways of knowing yourself. A new dimension of yourself will open before your eyes this week.