Capricorn Weekly Prediction for 15 - 21 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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The desire you feel is nearly overwhelming and you know that a good part of what you imagine is only in your head. Because new things have that special aroma that attracts you so much.

You feel a certain tension at the same time. It’s the encounter between the new and the old, Capricorn. You don’t know if you should look back or if it’s better for you to just move on and keep looking forward.

The natives of your sign usually have difficulty letting go of their structures, so the novelty is difficult to assimilate. But don’t be afraid. The planets are aligned so you can say goodbye to issues that are obsolete in your life and that includes certain relationships. For better or for worse, you’ve had enough and you have to learn to move on to new things without doubts or prejudices.


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The first days of this week, the sky only shows planetary configurations that attract losses and dire situations.

Distractions could be very tempting and make you lose your focus on your interests.

 The problems could repeat themselves and persist and make you want to run away. If you can, try to avoid arguments and confrontation. The moods of those around you aren’t at their best for impulsive reactions.

Making sure your workspace is at is best is paramount at this time. The rest of the week, you’ll have to plan the necessary improvements to move forward in your career. You’ll feel much better as soon as you start planning and organising the future.

If you focus all your mental energy and effort you can build the foundations of more solid finances for the future. Making the most of the good aspects that Saturn is projecting on your sign is up to you.

It’s very important that you respect your times and your spaces and avoid the invasion and the demands of people who give you nothing. Let each person deal with their own things and their responsibilities.


It seems that your body is asking for help this week. You won’t know how to interpret the symptoms you feel. Today you have a headache and tomorrow your stomach is on fire. Heartburn has a lot to do with bad digestion and produces a state of persistent nervousness.

You can’t continue to avoid being in silence with yourself and finding out what motivates your doubts and your anger. Write a list of disappointments or discomforts, another of joys and another of wishes. You can find some clarity this way.