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This week you’ll feel the energetic movement that the moon eclipse produces in your sign. This will affect the natives of the third position in particular and more strongly. However, no native of your sign will escape the influence that this astrological phenomenon will produce in their emotional world.

Everything that has been accumulating around emotional relationships, inadequate things, the problems that aren’t resolved despite the efforts you make to solve them, the relationship patterns that have become automatic and don’t allow for satisfaction will be erased by the effect of this eclipse.

You shouldn’t be afraid to face the pain that seeing things with some darkness or sadness causes. What is no longer useful or is exhausted will be removed from your life to make room for better relationships and happier bonds.

Love is about enjoying yourself and having fun, not about crying all the time or competing to see who is more powerful, Capricorn.

You’ll see how good it feels once the waters calm down.


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If you decide to go for dreams that are achievable and you get rid of your ambition for greatness, the safest thing you can do is move forward by little when trying to achieve something that’s important for you. Perhaps it’s a good week to rethink new goals, a more limited schedule that’s close to your possibilities, access to new technologies that’ll make your work at office or administration easier or perhaps simply asking people with whom you spend more time for help.

This way, you open yourself to a new paradigm in the job market, join a different or foreign market and access a new flow of abundance in your life.

You’ll discover a part of your being that’s different. More creative and cheerful.


Excessive activity, fast-paced schedules, running to fulfil your family obligations and making them compatible with your professional life lead you to disorganise your meals and lose many hours of rest.

Start to prioritise your most basic needs since you could expose yourself to a serious decay of your energy with risks to your health.

Resting, sleeping at least 7 hours and sitting down to eat in a quiet place that’s clean and peaceful seem unimportant issues but they’ll add quality of life and improve your mood.