Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The weekly trend regarding romantic relationships isn't bad even if you think the stars are against you. Love asks you to be more observant. If you pounce into your partner's arms without thinking about the consequences, you'll accumulate complications or discomfort and you'll have a bigger problem to solve.

Someone will ask you out for a walk or on a nature trip that will make you feel excited. It isn't something that you usually do. You're used to relationships being a space of common effort and you rarely have the chance to enjoy yourself.

Capricorn, remember that when you change, everything changes around you. It's a tip that Magic Horoscope offers you. Making small changes will take you to a better destination in love.

It's important that you trust your partner, that you open your mind and your heart when communicating so as not to let things put you in sticky situations.

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The practical intelligence that the natives of your sign are endowed with is implacable and that's why you can channel a work issue in which you have been involved. The mistakes of others have driven you to your limit. You'll keep it to your self, but you might share it with others that depend on your ability.

By mid-week, there'll be job offers or positive proposals regarding your career that you should evaluate before accepting.

Rejecting this opportunity maybe something that saddens you, but you shouldn't worry if you have no other option right now. It's perhaps not the best time to change. Life always gives you another chance, Capricorn.

These are days of favourable energies for the natives of your sign and the Earth element in general. You have to take the planetary strength of the week to complete projects and things you'd postponed.

Don't waste your money and trust that if you invoke your spiritual Guides, they'll guide you along the best path.


For the most part, the discomfort you feel during this period is directly related to emotional states and problems related to your nervous system.

Uranus from Taurus will generate some stress and anxiety to solve situations in the material world. But you can't keep up, Capricorn. It's a strange astral movement that doesn't match your gentle and understanding nature.

You'll find yourself learning new ways to manage your stress and your anger.