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Everytime you think about eveything that you have lost you become melancholic but you must fight those sad thoughts. Make the most of Saturn's influence on your sign and infuse some maturity into your life. Most often than not, growing is closely connected to letting go. 

If the name of the game is letting go then perhaps you should abandon that black or white way of seeing things. Remember there are many shades of grey in between and you're not always right. Trusting those around you is part of having good relationships. 

The planets urge you to be more tender and understanding. You risk losing an important person if you don't. 

Towards the end of the week, fun will be the main focus for you. Take advantage of the weekend and enjoy it. 



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You'll come up with new business ideas during meetings with trustworthy friends. Out of the blue, you will come across a fantastic offer made by a third party. Imagine the excitement of organizing and planning something new.  

This week the planets' influence will favor your deepest desires and if you want you can reinforce those positive energies with a prosperity ritual. 

There are many ancient ways of attracting prosperity, and one of them consists of praying to Saint Pancras. This young saint is very popular because it protects unemployed people by giving the jobs, and replenishes the purses of those who gambled all their money. You too can invoke the saint's help or perhaps you could get a "fortune frog" lucky charm.

From Wednesday onward, the planetary energy will be connected to magic powers, something you could take advantage of and reconnect with the Universe.


You may be struggling with memory and focus issues this week. The natives of your sign will be engulfed by a mysterious distracting force that will cause you to forget dates, mix up meetings, or mishear information. 

Your friends and family members might see you in a strange light. If you experience this aloofness for more extended periods, you might be dealing with mental fatigue. Try to get more rest and stop torturing yourself with unnecessary thoughts.