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The changes you have made in your lifestyle and the way you see things noware seriously affecting your partner and your relationships in general. It’s not that you don’t love them but you’re learning so much that you should be all right with yourself that you may neglect others.

It isn’t serious, but your partner asks for more attention. They feel that they’re not so important to you any more.

You’ll have to pay them a little attention and provide affection in tangible ways. An invitation, some affection, a conversation could be the way you show that your interest has not changed.

Try not to provoke arguments or friction with your partner since the full moon affects you negatively and it’s not related to your zodiacal position.

You may find that a friend doesn’t act the way you think they should.

Don’t be disappointed, wait to find out their reasons.


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You have the protection of the planetary alignments that have shown you so much work lately that you have carried out excellently. You’ll have new opportunities ahead and the certainty of being on the road to success.

You’ll get the chance of applying new technologies, applications or machinery that facilitate and optimise your services. It’s a pleasure when you can work better and in less time. You should promote your activity by means of advertisement or instructive visits.

Planetary alignments describe the possibility for the youngest in particular to find a new job.

In general, the stars propose you make the most of the possibility of facing the same problems from a different perspective to improve the results. Having success you desire will depend on a change of vision Capricorn.




Nerves added to the planetary aspects of Saturn in your sign make you feel exhausted and without too much extra energy. You’re feeling a strong need for holidays, lying down on the beach, looking at the horizon without any worries. If you can take a day or two of true rest, without interruptions, it would be great since you’re in need of it.

At the weekend, the astral effluvia improve your mood and that will make you feel much better.