Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 18 - 24 November

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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope. | Magic Horoscope

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The week begins with sensual moments for the natives of Capricorn. You'll feel that your body is free and full, without prejudice or fear, and this attracts more than anything. The way you communicate changes and you'll receive incredible changes in others, Capricorn.

Although leading a double life is not your style, you might be tempted to have an affair. Think about it properly, as you could experience a few uncomfortable days that will take away more than they contribute.

Towards the weekend, those who are in a relationship will have conversations that will solve matters of the past and leave new habits in the relationship.

Your mood will vibrate at both ends of the spectrum. You might go from a state of joy with friends and family to a bad mood that dulls the mood around you with the force of a summer storm.

These emotional manifestations are part of your evolution process. The sky shows many positive changes in your emotional life.

Whether you're single or are in a relationship, you're experiencing a moment of great importance in your life.

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This week, cooperation is your motto. You'll be willing to work as a team and share your experience and skill with those with whom you work.

Your work environment will become optimistic and you'll enjoy observing the way mood improves productivity this week.

The stars provide you with greater thoroughness in your daily tasks. You'll want to pay attention to details and you'll pay more attention than on other occasions. Thanks to this, you'll be able to move forward and you'll be more valued than many others in your industry.

These aren't favourable days to apply for loans and finding a new job won't be easy to for Capricorn natives. On the contrary, it's a good week to develop your patience and appreciate all the gifts you have. Valuing the abundance in you live each day will attract more abundance and better opportunities. Being grateful is the basic principle if you want to generate wealth.


Your health is good thanks to many routine changes that you have established in the last year. The current astral aspects give you more vigour and energy this week. You'll have less joint pain and you'll be able to enjoy more agility.

By the weekend, you could be exposed to environmental agents such as household dust, pollen or fuels that cause allergic reactions, dermatitis, rhinitis or swelling in the upper airways.