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You’ll take that decisive step that has been so hard: to end or start a romantic story.

You can’t keep thinking about an idea that only takes you to a state of anxiety and anguish that is very negative for your emotional world and your confidence in life, Capricorn.

It’s time to stop blaming yourself or looking for the reasons for your failures and success. Things happen and they often don’t have a logical explanation, they just stop happening the way they were happening.

You’ve grown and that takes you to a new stage. Let go and rejoice in your changes.

Shine with all the planetary influences that come from Virgo.

Going out to have fun will help you see that life is different from what you’ve projected in your mind.


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This week the Magic Horoscope encourages you to discover growth paths that you were abandoning. You’ve been tested quite a lot when it comes to your career, you have even suffered material hardships that have done nothing but strengthen your resistance.

New ways of developing your skills and earning money will come. Wonderful opportunities approach your life and encourage you to take risks.

New paths await you, Capricorn, you shouldn’t fear taking your career to a new level, having better results in the future will depend on this.

At the weekend you may have to face an unexpected problem, loss or expense. Don’t worry, although it seems a matter of witchcraft that you just can’t have peace of mind, it’s just another test your ruler Saturn in combination with the small and evil Pluto have sent you to take you to new realms of complexity and sacrifice. You’ll be strengthened once again and you’ll find that you have many resources to face everyday life with its ups and downs. You’ll even have plenty to help anyone who needs it.

Be grateful for every moment of well-being and you’ll attract good vibes to your material life.


All the work and changes in your daily life attract some discomforts that, although aren’t important, must be controlled so as not to become major evils.

You know that stress is the source of many pathologies that become chronic and is even the cause of autoimmune diseases. Therefore, it’s essential that you don’t allow tension and bad moods to wreak havoc on your health.

If you’re in a bad mood, tension in your neck or muscle pain for no reason, it may be time to manage your mental exhaustion with therapy or vitamin tablets that your doctor considers appropriate. Vitamin B, magnesium and selenium help strengthen the nervous system. Ask for help and do some exercise, Capricorn.