Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn. | Magic Horoscope


The week starts with a very positive trend regarding your intimate and romantic life. You're enjoying some astral movements that do nothing but favour your emotional life.

You'll be very sensual and willing to enjoy life beyond the responsibilities and weight of the past.

You'll feel free to show your feelings and be more spontaneous than usual, Capricorn.

Your loved ones will feel very comfortable in your presence and you'll feel that some walls have collapsed.

These are very romantic days. You seem to have fulfilled the desires and the sensitivity of your heart that can expand without fear or doubt. Even those who're single can experience scenes of deep romanticism and connection with a very special person.

Be careful Capricorn. During the weekend, you could spoil everything you've achieved in your love life with a negative impulse or unpleasant reactions that lead you to respond aggressively.

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The best days for money and your finances are from Monday to Wednesday. Then an astral configuration that won't be so good for the natives of your sign will start to develop in the sky.

Although it isn't an excellent week to look for a new job, you'll be able to acquire new skills that you can apply in your career. Jobs are changing with technological advances and you don't want to stay behind.

Although better conditions than in previous weeks prevail, interruptions in your career could lead to some delays that harm you more than you think.

By Friday, money issues will bring some satisfaction and you can sit down and think about the steps you'll take in the future.


Your health is good in general this week. You might even feel that your body looks better in front of the mirror. Joy illuminates your face and therefore, this good energy goes back to your body and mind, Capricorn.

The danger lies in using your energy too much and running out. You're in the last days of your astral cycle and that brings some weakness, so you shouldn't overdo it.

Your weaknesses have always been your bones and muscles and you may suffer from cramps and joint discomfort.