Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 2-8 September

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Capricorn natives who are in a relationship and care for a family together can feel the gratitude and recognition of their family members. All your efforts and sacrifices in pursuit of family unity and growth will be rewarded with signs of love and sweet words.

You shouldn't run away from a conversation proposed by a loved one. Solutions can come out of this conversation and it can help you solve some problems between you.

Natives who have been single for a while could enjoy sensual and interesting encounters with people who belong to intellectual settings during the weekend.

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Do what you propose, even if it demands a lot of effort and patience. You'll achieve your goals. A meeting enables you to explain some great ideas that could open the doors of a company you want to be part of.

The Zodiac shows that there are many planets influencing the natives of your sign positively. For the last few months, you've been doing everything that everyone asked of you and complying with every matter or payment you had to comply with and now you can enjoy a wonderful reward during the course of this week.

Trust the skills for seduction that the planet Venus offers you and seek to find your destiny through that conversation or meeting. Write that letter, request that recommendation, you're in a very favourable astrological portal that you should use in your favour, Capricorn.


Your body may be showing some signs of exhaustion that aren't difficult to correct. A few hours a day of some activity that benefits you will help you feel better. If you're starting medical treatments today you can expect your health to improve slowly but very positively.

Think that only you can improve your health and help your body and mind to be balanced. It's up to you to enjoy a state of well-being. You're the one who has to start new routines. Buying a bike or sign up for dance classes isn't enough, you'll have to attend or go out to the park, nobody can do it for you, Capricorn.