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You haven’t enjoyed your feelings as intensely as you’re going to be able to do this week for a long time. The planetary aspects that affect you benefit you and give way to the renewal of your feelings.

Those who are in a romantic relationship can expect fantastic days when they find a refuge from the problems of everyday life in sharing your time. You’ve been able to build a fortress that protects you from the hostility that people who are close to you feel towards your relationship.

Those who’re single will be nothing but seduction and they’ll receive a lot of attention. You are projecting an energetic availability to find your soul mate. Don’t get distracted, Capricorn, the Moon Node is transiting your relationship area, bringing all the cosmic energy to that aspect of your life.

You could discover a secret regarding your love life.


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You’ll be surprised at how well your financial life is flowing during this week. You couldn’t have imagined a time like this, even if you’d been warned. You’ve made so many efforts at work that the rewards will arrive.

You’re helpful and responsible most of the time. In fact, nobody can doubt your ability to see all the details and not forget any responsibility. However, this week you’ll be somewhat distracted. So you may forget about some details or go home without finishing some of your tasks.

You could ask for help from a collaborator or co-worker. You’ll get what you need without problems.

You aren’t drunk with success, you’re just very happy and in touch with the part of your personality that you usually ignore. That’s very good, Capricorn, it’s necessary for you to continue to develop your professional skills.

Gambling isn’t recommended for the natives of your sign this week, you could lose money and that’s something you wouldn’t forgive yourself for.


You’ll feel tired and fatigued. You believe that your body can be working constantly, but at some point, you should rest properly.

People suffering from varicose veins may feel their legs more tired than usual because of that. You should devote part of your day to doing yoga, like inverted position exercises or putting your feet up while reading a book or watching your favourite television program.

Joy will ease any discomfort. Because a good mood and harmony are the great medicines that you shouldn’t forget. Always seek to pursue your well-being and happiness in order to enjoy great health.