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Imagine if your significant other is having the same feelings as you. Perhaps this week won't be love that unites you, but your shared difficulty in communicating with each other. Constant arguing won't take you anywhere. 

Stop listening to other people and trust your gut instinct.

You'll spend part of your week trying to get in touch with your feelings and if things happen to end, then rest assured that it was for the best.

You could try something new if the opportunity arises. You're like a butterfly that's just come out of its chrysalis, ready to start a new life. 

Reflecting on the mistakes of the past take you closer to a happier state, resentment-free. 

Although confusing, don't hold back and enjoy this hopeful moment. 


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Your emotional state has been affecting your work and your relationship with the people you see daily. 

Work colleagues need to see proof of your friendship and your willingness to share with them in an equal way

Lately, you have been distant which has given way to adverse effects and misinterpretations. 

On the other hand, you have a lot of work to get through, and you might have to put in the extra effort and stress out about getting it done. Don't worry, you're an excellent worker and you always deliver at the time of showing results. Being determined and effective will guarantee your projects' success. 


All the emotional tension you've been experiencing is taking its toll on your mood and overall wellbeing. You could seek out some method of therapy and speak to someone who can help you through this. 

Above all, Capricorn, you need to leave melancholy aside and focus on the small things that bring you joy every day. You could be happy about your health, seeing how aside from a few muscle aches you are in optimal condition. 

The foundation of good health is having a positive outlook on life.