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Finding a new way to be happy is often painful at the beginning. This week you’ll have to discard everything that, even though it’s part of your life, damages you or makes you feel terrible all the time. If it isn’t possible for you to remove that element from your life, perhaps you can reduce its presence.  If it’s a family member who’s determined to make your life impossible, don’t waste your time trying to explain your needs as they’ll understand what they want to and you may end up involved in a horrible argument.

Stay away from all confrontation that tries to hover around you. The stars suggest you focus on evaluating what your greatest desire is and put all your energy to achieve that goal.

After Wednesday you can find yourself enjoying a passionate encounter that you didn’t expect and that will help you value a special person. But take care of what you have, you could end up crying in the future because of your carelessness.


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Anything that’s related to businesses and ventures is favoured.

The Moon in your sign from Wednesday supports you providing a climate of order and seriousness that promotes all your business and financial affairs. At the same time, it gives you a special sensitivity to find the best way forward.

Make the most of this planetary transit since you’ll attract all kinds of possibilities and you’ll get closer to the desired goals.

Don’t stop making the most of your discipline and your thriftiness to have a week in which you feel you have taken a step forward Capricorn.

Don’t discuss your plans with anyone or you’ll expose yourself to the bad energies of your environment.


This week welcomes the planetary energy of fertility, so those who’re thinking of adding a new member to their family have an excellent opportunity. If you’re trying to bring a new child into the world, you have to be ready to rest, eat the best foods that are rich in folic acid and Omega 3 and 6 and you’ll see that it isn’t that difficult to eat well. They need to eat more salads, chia seeds and lentils and stop taking alcohol.

On the other hand, the sensitivity of this week predisposes to environmental allergies, so avoid household dust, vacuum your home thoroughly and get ready for some sneezing or allergic rhinitis. Remember that if you reinforce your immunity, allergens have less power over you.