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All the tension that had been accumulating in your sign because of the number of eclipses in the area that corresponds to your axis of complementary opposites give you a rest until December. Make the most of all the information you’ve found out about the convenience of continuing in this emotional frequency.

So, with a lot of effort on your part, the week will be coming to an end with many benefits for your relationship.

In your love life in general, you start to realise the importance of communicating what you need as clearly as possible. Don’t lose the good habit of speaking in an honest and humble way. You’ll profit from it and you have nothing to lose if it’s about the people who love you.

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You’re always so responsible that the demands are much greater for you than for other people in the same position. That’s something that usually makes you feel pretty bad. You are often bitter about situations like this, but the real problem is fatigue. You’re reaching a point where you’ll have to rethink your true material needs, the direction you want to take.

Those who have their own company will be researching innovative ways or products to increase their monthly income.

Those who are looking for a job aren’t benefiting so much because Mercury is still retrograde and makes it difficult to make any progress regarding communication. The best thing they can do is start sending more emails and making more calls that correspond to your evolution in this sense. Don’t trust destiny since it needs a little push on your part.


You’ll have to reinforce all the things that help to improve your health, like food and rest, since you have very demanding days ahead and you may suffer respiratory symptoms such as colds or flu.

The way you treat yourself is the way your body reacts, today more than ever because of the effect of Mars on Leo and the retrograde position of Mercury. Energy is abundant but could be distorted by using it the wrong way.

Sleep, walk, enjoy yourself and rejoice to improve your body and your soul Capricorn.