Capricorn Weekly Horoscope
Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




As the week progresses, Capricorn natives will discover an aspect of their personality that seems distant. Sensuality and a happy spirit will fill your hearts and bring new relationships.

If you’re one of the natives who is in a relationship, you’ll be surprised by your good mood and your desire to flirt and enjoy your body. Your partner will feel that the relationship is renewed in a special way this week.

You like having a traditional lifestyle and that’s why you’ll be inclined to define romantic relationships and make commitments. The guidelines you agree on this week will last a while, so don’t say no to a marriage proposal or when your partner asks you to move in together.

The natives who care for young children or teenagers should be alert. Children have a lot to say, you need to listen to their requests to avoid major problems.

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You’ll have to open your eyes and ears to other ways of working and acquiring abundance.

The natives who are going through a judicial process of separation of property or inheritance procedures could suffer unnecessary discussions and ill-treatment. It makes you sad to feel that affections remain in the background and money is the main objective, but these things happen and you have to be strong to overcome these moments as best you can. Seek support from your lawyer, a counselor or mediator, they’ll be able to guide you and give you the tools to get out of this conflict.

There are good prospects regarding business Capricorn. Don’t miss a new trend that brings you the opportunity for profits and benefits.

The natives of the third position enjoy the good influence of Mars that takes over Virgo and from that area of ??the Zodiac, encourages you to make changes and do things you’re excited about.

You have to free yourself from the fear of new things to allow yourself to enjoy realities.


Your kidneys and the lymphatic system will be affected by planetary transits. Preventing these inconveniences is simple and within your reach. Drinking plenty of fluids, particularly water and lemonade, can help you detox your body so that your kidneys aren’t overworked. Many foods such as pineapple, asparagus, and watermelon also benefit these organs.

Learning to master fears and negative emotions brings great benefits to your health this week. You can read about different techniques that can help. This way you bring about changes in your life and improvements to your health.