Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 24 - 30 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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The week begins with great opportunities to feel that life is renewed. You’ll begin a new cycle in which you’re more open to experiencing love with simplicity and without worrying too much about the formalities and consequences of your actions.

You’re willing to take the risks that happiness demands of you. It’ll be an exciting weekend in which you’ll feel an explosion of emotions. Although you want to stay in charge, the events will surprise you in a way that will change all your expectations.

If you want to relax the way you think you have to behave with your family or your partner, it’s best to talk. Hold long conversations in which you can get rid of that horrible idea that love has to include a toxic weight or perpetual responsibility. Reality is showing you that life is dynamic and therefore flexible.


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The week that starts shows great rewards for the natives of Capricorn. The responsible and industrious nature of your personality will help you achieve everything you deserve.

There are possibilities of receiving very good job offers. Those who are independent entrepreneurs could also be on the verge of receiving a loan or credit. This money could help you carry out the refurbishment you so want to get done.

Many of the problems that worried you in recent times will come to an end. The astral sky is on your side. There are possibilities that a legal or judicial issue comes to an end or at least shows that it is in the process of completion.

Never stop being grateful for everything that life gives you. That’s the way to receive more and more.  The language of the Universe is of an eternal present.


Even if you feel very good, it’s important that you manage your physical energy so that you don’t get to Friday with no energy left. The emotions and the demands of work during this week will take you to the limit and show you your limitations.

By Friday, your digestive system could show some discomfort typical of a diet that’s poor in fibre and neglected.

The planetary locations alert you and warn you that you should take care of your diet and increase moderate physical exercise in order to improve your mental health.

If you rest properly and eat in a way that you show your body how much you love it, you’ll see how good your week can be.