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This week, Capricorn natives are presented with a favorable influx of energy; life is turning out to be quite interesting. 

It's vital that you let yourself flow with Uranus' influence on your sign. You're bound to feel sad if you keep focusing on your past experiences, remember that life happens now, in the present. 

If you feel like your relationship can still bring you joy and satisfaction, perhaps you need to give it a real chance, instead of reliving past traumas. 

Capricorns will enjoy tender and passionate moments this week as the lovely Venus will bestow both singles and couples with sensual powers. 

Keep an open mind and an open spirit so you can receive the happiness that the Universe has in store for you. 


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At the beginning of the week, you are likely to uncover classified information that can affect your projects. 

The planet's alignment is favorable as you'll be able to hide your annoyment with more ease and have better social interactions. You could bridge the gap between you and some people that you know have a poor opinion of you. It's not that they hate you, they're simply intimidated by you. Try to be more considerate when you ask for help with your endeavors. 

Towards the end of the week, you will have the chance to enjoy new and exciting experiences with people you haven't met before.

This week's lucky numbers are 37 and 69, keep an eye out for them and let your angels protect you. 


All your health issues from this week are likely to be caused by stress. It's understandable, considering the fast pace of today's society, however, you should focus on ways of releasing this tension, perhaps finding a creative outlet. 

Don't forget that your wellbeing depends on your ability to relax and let go. 

Being on your phone all day long and not allowing yourself to rest properly will most definitely affect you in the long run.

Try to spend more time doing the things you love and put down your phone!