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Your emotional life presents several questions during this week. You have a lot of desire to understand that person with whom you’re in love and who appears to be the one who’s right for you, however, when it comes to achieving an understanding, you each go in a different direction.

Your family seems not to connect with what you’re feeling and they’ll rely on you instead of giving you their support. You’ll have to explain what you feel instead of keeping quiet waiting for them to guess.

They can’t understand you if you lock yourself in your stone castle, Capricorn.

Younger Capricorns will have to come face to face with their need to understand the affairs of the heart with their heads and step forward if they really want to find the love of their lives.


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Your wishes will be easy to achieve this week as the stars are aligned to favour you in all your business. 

Your tendency to fulfil your responsibilities and show an appearance of social excellence will relieve you of the emotional and romantic problems you suffer this week.

You’ll bury yourself in work until late and in this way, nothing will be left unfinished.

You can feel proud of your performance, your skills and your ability for organisation although everything won’t always depend on you and you could be suffering some delays derived from your colleagues’ irresponsible behaviour. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to solve it very soon.

Luck in gambling won’t be there for you during the weekend, so use your power numbers to guide you along other paths.


The biggest problem you face, Capricorn, is your way of ignoring your most basic bodily needs. You have that tendency to stop doing your routines and exercises and prioritising other activities and that will hurt you.This week you have a problem to solve in this regard because you’ll notice a certain joint stiffness and pain that you’ll have to tend to.

Make the most of your organisational skills to dedicate some time to exercising, walking, dancing or jogging in the park every day. Everything you do will be a benefit to your joints.