Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


For the native of Capricorn, winds of change that prepare them for the astral feast of the end of the year arrive.

There's a lot of heavenly energy for you, Capricorn. You'll have the possibility of finding other ways of evolving in your love life that will be very beneficial even if they seem impossible and will bring wonderful results for your life.

Those who wish to establish new patterns at home, more commitment in their relationship or plan a wedding this week have the planetary blessings to achieve the happiest of results.

If you live in fear of failure or let the ghosts of the past terrorise you, you won't get any positive results, Capricorn. You can take advantage of Venus, the goddess of love, in your sign. You'll feel very attractive this week.

Your tendency to lock yourself in a maze of responsibilities distances you from the possibility of a fresh and sensual life. You'll feel very sexy on Saturday and you shouldn't neglect the possibility of letting your dreams and fantasies come to fruition and living without limits.


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You'll have to use your intuition and your good mood to discover if you should keep doing a job that doesn't satisfy you and takes too much of your energy in exchange for fewer benefits than expected.

This week, Venus will enter your sign and help you connect with your true desires. The presence of this planet not only attracts a greater understanding of your own motivations but also inclines you to easily obtain the necessary resources to improve your material life. This will mainly influence the natives of the first position.

When the astral energy is concentrated like this week, it indicates important moments in the life of the natives.

Capricorn will see how all kinds of situations that they couldn't have imagined in their material life. You'll get sacked from some jobs and find others that pay better, and other surprising events.


It'll be a regular week when it comes to your physical health. You could be a bit self-indulgent when eating or drinking. You'll tend to be quite lazy and you'll feel the need for holidays or rest.

Pampering yourself doesn't have to be excessive. You could suffer from indigestion or liver problems, Capricorn.

Now is a great time to start exploring your psyche. Therapy will bring many good results.