Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for 26 August - 1 September

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Although you’re trying to revive all your relationships, improve your ties and better understand what others feel, you’ll have to experience a strong confrontation during the week. In part, it’s about you understanding that your views are very different from those of other people and that while you agree from time to time, that isn’t permanent.

Exchanging ideas and views on life could bring you a lot of good things, you could even enjoy intellectual growth, Capricorn.

Being stubborn and thinking everything has to be your way will only lead you to loneliness and emphasize your discomfort, which isn’t recommended.

Magic Horoscope suggests that you look for moments of relaxation to exchange ideas and reach agreements that are favourable to everyone.

This way, towards the middle of the week, a new understanding of love will come to you. More pleasure and more lightness will make your life easy and fluid.

Towards the weekend, prepare the champagne and glasses to toast the good news and celebrate excited for what’s coming.

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The issues related to your finances and your professional life this week have an instance of relaxation that lets you have a mental break.

You don’t have too much cash, you’ve even spent more than you should. You’ll have to balance it with savings and trying to save on other things.

You may have to help a friend or relative. Perhaps you have to fulfill their obligations. It’ll have consequences in your life, don’t forget, it’s a matter of choosing your priorities.

You won’t have to tolerate the pressure of uncertainty, Capricorn. A few days of peace arrive and allow you to program and project what you want for your future.


Life subjects you to character tests. You’ll feel tense or worried again and again these days.

If you are one of the natives of Capricorn who believes in something, you could take refuge in silence in the search for peace through prayer. However, it’s common among the natives of Capricorn to be very pragmatic and leave little space for their spiritual life. If you are in this last group, it’s time for you to connect with your spiritual life and search for peace and inner harmony.