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It seems as if you were in a film since you’ll have to rediscover your past that demands the things it doesn’t deserve. Be firm and keep in sight the future in which you don’t have to drag pending issues with you and be done with that problem with dignity.

There are times in life where it’s important to stay on the path you think should lead you where you want to be and not give rise to arguments or delays that come from other people. Even if it’s your partner or the person you’ve chosen to share your life with. Don’t believe that they have the right to govern your destiny.

Maybe the words you should use are stronger than what you would like to say, Don’t be sad. You often have to use a certain force to establish a precedent of respect. You expect to receive what you give back.

Don’t let yourself get taken to territories where you could no longer live with joy. Pay attention as someone who’s very dear to you will need you near over the weekend.


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There’s nothing new ahead if you don’t dare to manage the change that you’ve been waiting for for so long.

The natives of Capricorn are known for their tendency to keep safe things and to build long-standing jobs and relationships from the ground up. It’s not common for them to change jobs or their career path, in fact, the greatest happiness that a native of your sign can have is to feel that they’ve cultivated sustained growth. But this time the planets’ locations are showing a need for renewal and change.

Listlessnessand boredom are showing an imperious force in the direction of novelties and entrepreneurial adventures. Go ahead and start developing that business idea you had some time ago. It’s not the time to be afraid.

Go for it.


You’re generally learning to live in a way that more closely resembles your ideal and that shows in the state of your body. Your vitality is showing that all your cells are being grateful for those changes in your behaviour.

You’re much more aware of what you eat and that’s helping you control and improve in every area.

You’ll realise how important it is to take care of your body more and more every day. It’s the vehicle that carries all your energy in pursuit of your goals.

Rest, exercise and good food go well with moments of joy and good humour. You’ll see how good it is for you.