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You've been through many misunderstandings with your significant other, and it looks like a neverending situation. You either try to reach out, and nothing happens, or you digress into different topics and before you know it you're at each other's throats. 

Capricorn, personal relationships are complicated for you to maintain, you already know it. Your reserved and cautious nature makes people believe that you don't care about them. 

This side of you has gotten you into trouble before so why not try to display your affection more openly? If you genuinely want to continue this relationship, you need to be clear about how you feel. 

Halfway through the week, you will be faced with a passionate surprise. You will relive the past and gain more confidence when it comes to deciding your romantic future. 

You will receive important news from family or friends. 

Single Capricorns should make the most of the weekend, and of the luck they'll be gifted with because they might win someone over, someone whose intellect is very appealing. 


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You will experience a week full of success and progress, Capricorn. The Universe is finally ready to repay your hard work, determination, and ability to organize and take responsibility for your attributions.

Toward the end of the week, you will receive an unexpected payment. Your professional sacrifices are known to many, especially those around you in decision-making positions; your contributions are seen and valued. 

Try not to dig your heels in when someone asks you to make a small change to an earlier project. There's nothing wrong with compromising. 

You will enjoy a plethora of opportunities closer to Friday, and you will see yourself forced to chose one. Take your time and answer only after you've considered all the offers. 


Generally speaking, you start the week in good health, but as the days go past, you experience more and more tension. 

If you add the emotional factor, you might experience pain and muscular tension that will prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. 

Perhaps a strain in your neck, or maybe lumbar discomfort will make you feel as if there is something wrong with your body.

Be careful not to become a hypochondriac; we recommend that, should you have any worries regarding your health you should visit your doctor.