Capricorn Weekly Prediction for 29 April - 5 May

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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If you receive verbal aggressions, someone is rude to you or only has hurtful words to offer you or they speak ill of you: it won’t be your fault, Capricorn.

Don’t worry, let some time pass, because as the week develops that energy disintegrates to give way to a completely different one.

Love will illuminate your face and your heart from the middle of the week. You’ll be floating in a cotton candy cloud. Because if you understand that the best love is the one you give yourself, that’s when you can leave behind all that painful energy that filled you with remorse and limited you and didn’t let you be who you really are. Without fear to show your personality, your weaknesses and your integrity.

When the restrictions disappear, that’s when you open yourself to true love.

For many natives of this sign, these are days when you feel a great liberation and that gives you permission to experience the romance and adventures you have always fantasised.


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Some hurdles along the way can make you doubt the direction your dreams are going to take. Don’t give up. You’re very strong and you’ll be able to face the storms that take place during the first few days of the week.

The stars can propel you to want to implement drastic changes. You’re starting a phase in your life in which everything is outdated. However, Capricorn, don’t let yourself get dragged into that land of frustration and feeling overwhelmed.

You are more than just your physique and what you have. Don’t let doubt and dejection take over you.

Jupiter in your subconscious area opens you to the vibration of abundance that the Universe brings to your life. Open your arms and receive what’s in the present. That way you change the way you view things and your point of view become a very positive aspect that attracts the best things to your life.


For the next few days, you’ll see that after suffering from stress, pain in your neck and a terrible cramp, you start down the path of self-discovery and you’ll want to learn about your mental energy and its power.

Thanks to the planetary aspects that are favouring the natives of your sign, you’ll understand the way your mind has to govern your body. You can control the tension and transform it. If you feel like it, practice an oriental discipline.