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This week promises to bring a little joy back to the natives of Capricorn. A break comes after experiencing so many storms. You’ll have a peaceful space in which you can find yourself in the eyes of the person you love with a more accurate and pleasant reflection. They have been accusations and misunderstandings, little affection and no intimacy.

Trust the good friends who can help you to positively influence the feelings of that special person.

The natives who are single can take for granted that adventures are coming this week if they get carried away by their playful and carefree mood. Otherwise, the melancholy will take all the space during the weekend and won’t allow you to enjoy the party the stars are bringing.

The planets augur a general improvement regarding your feelings.

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Your finances have taken a course that, although you’re not worrying too much about it, it doesn’t give you the satisfaction you expected.

You’ve made many efforts and you’ve deprived yourself of resting more than once to achieve the set goals, but this week you’ll realise that it hasn’t been enough and that luck hasn’t been on your side.

A little care is fine but you may need to seek help in the magic that inhabits you. Positive thinking coupled with the search for new ways of dealing with problems is two of the things you may not be using to improve your life.

It’s likely that when you allow flexibility to take centre stage, your material affairs begin to show progress and new directions are possible for you.

Don’t discard taking a job in a new industry. Maybe it's time to deploy new skills and learn to take risks in another way.


This week you’ll feel incredible amounts of strength and energy. You can even understand the way your cells work to heal when you allow your thoughts to be appropriate and free yourself from ruminant and repetitive ideas.

Learning to master your mind will be a great joy for you. Begin to let everything flow and you’ll feel the fullness of the here and now.