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This is a spectacular week for the natives of Capricorn if they manage to leave the past behind and the sadness it brings to their memory.  The truth is that the times that passed won’t come back and what you haven’t been able to do yesterday, you could still do tomorrow.

It’s never too late to make the dreams that you know will bring you happiness come true and the stars bless you with a season in which you will be a magnet of attraction and charisma.

These planetary positions will help you to meet new contacts and to be the soul of gatherings with friends, enabling love and friendship.

You’ll show a new facet of your personality that you kept hidden this week.

The natives who’re in a relationship can give a lot of love and receive it thanks to the position of the stars. Not everyone endures so many conflicts and still stays strong feeling a great amount of love. This is something that you know well because you’ve had to experience it yourself.

You’ll feel calm in your heart and nobody can take that away from you.

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It’s very likely that you have a week ahead that brings a feeling of boredom and lack of meaning regarding your career.

The planetary alignments show a tendency to disappointment and to search for things that stimulate you and make your imagination fly and encourage your excitement.

It’s not that what you’re doing now means nothing, it’s about what you feel and about the tyranny that routine has over your soul.

If you stop to think you may find that your job isn’t so bad after all and that there is a lot to experience if you organise your time better.

Spend some time this week evaluating what you have, what you give and what you receive and how you can optimise your routine and improve relationships with people at work to give a touch more of joy to your daily life.


Your body has its limits and your immune system suffers if you put it under constant resistance tests.

Pluto in your zodiac area shows you how far you can go in changing your routines and your personal care habits to destroy your integrity.

You know that Pluto is the god of the underworld and that’s why it could show you the darkness into which some descend when they don’t love themselves enough.

Do everything you can power to feel good and spend each day in a state of integrity and well-being that is worthy of you.