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Capricorn Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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You will spend this week thinking about and analyzing your relationship, the planets' influence is making you feel introverted and closed. 

You will be engulfed in many problems that will cause you headaches. It would be amazing if you could talk about all your reoccurring issues. Will you be able to find the way to those discussions? 

Take immediate action, Capricorn. We only have one life, and we shouldn't spend it feeling bitter. 

Many people that surround your significant other feel jealous of the love you shower them with. It's evident that if you want things to happen, you need to change your attitude toward those people, you will be more cautious about sharing your intimacies with the wrong people. 

If you're a single Capricorn, this week will be generally quiet, with a few reunions and light social events that you'll need to attend. If, however, you're willing to show your sweeter side someone might take an interest in you. 


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You spend many hours at work, and therefore, the relationship you have with your colleagues is important for your morale and professional development. 

If you keep complaining and display a bad mood, you'll do nothing but make more enemies. As soon as you improve your rapport with those around you and show more empathy, you will have a multitude of opportunities coming your way. 

You will get great news toward the end of the week, and your efforts will be rewarded, either with praise or prizes. 

An opportunity to buy property will arise, take your time and analyze all the details of the offer, your budget, monthly expenses, and other related information.

The planets will guide you through these challenging times of professional growth and help with organizing everything that needs to be done. 


The beginning of the week will introduce stomach issues which will force you to adopt a lighter diet, without so many spices and fat. You could eat vegetable soups, pumpkin purees, and boiled carrots to help with your digestion as well as purify your body of toxins. 

The holidays are a time of excesses, and it's easy to get carried away. 

Your physical health improves considerably towards the end of the week; however, you could infuse more positive energies into finding your inner peace.

Your coronary health might suffer this week due to the negative influences of Mars on your Sun: try not to get angry or too involved in any arguments. 

Remember to breathe and to be kind. 

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