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This is an exceptional week for Capricorn natives regarding their love life as Venus is finally positioned in your sign. 

Those born in the first decan will enjoy the positive influences of the goddess of love. You will experience interpersonal growth, and you will feel more open toward new experiences. 

You'll feel the need to change the way you display your affection; even your emotional needs will change. This week will be full of romantic expectations and great sensitivity.

Be careful with spying on your significant other and watching their every move as it might ruin the favorable energies bestowed on you. 

You will have a lot to look forward to towards the end of the week; family reunions will give you a sense of satisfaction and will spark the beginning of a new cycle regarding bonding. 


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These are fantastic days regarding the success of your projects or increasing your income, which you have been waiting for a while now. 

The energy that fills your workspace stimulates you to think of new ideas and development projects which get everyone excited. 

Have a look around and remember who was by your side to help you when the going got tough. 

Starting with Thursday, the planets will influence you less positively, and you'll feel exhausted and trapped by the daily hustle and bustle. Have patience; it will pass soon. 

On Sunday, you will receive a great surprise with an important material significance but with an emotional charge as well. 

The lucky numbers this week are 42 and 89. 


The planets' conjuncture this week will generate a higher susceptibility to infections. 

You will be vulnerable to irritant foods such as spicy food, dry fruit, and fatty foods. 

Remember to follow a light diet, rich in fruit and vegetables. Our joints are the place where toxins accumulate and also the place where we experience most discomfort with time.